Elpron Capital Limited is currently one of the largest non-bank asset management platforms in Hong Kong, managing billions of dollars in actively managed assets. With an experienced professional investment team and comprehensive risk management system, Elpron Capital Limited has become the preferred partner for overseas asset management of Chinese financial institutions and large enterprises.


The main customer types of Elpron Capital Limited asset management business include national and local Chinese banks, Chinese state-owned and private enterprises, high-net-worth clients, Hong Kong listed companies and their executives, and large Chinese investment companies.


The investment subject is mainly US dollar fixed income products, which have the unique advantages of controlling risks and taking into account stable income. At the same time, it covers other diversified product allocation types, including public or private equity, bonds, convertible bonds, etc.


Investment services are led by the Elpron Chief Investment Officer's Office team, and all members have extensive work experience in international financial institutions. Committed to conceiving the best and most efficient financial service solutions for customers to achieve the most ideal return.